Building great organizations one leader at a time

Leadership Development

Executive Coaching and Assessment

The Kinsley Group’s coaching practice helps executives understand the essentials of effective leadership and how to master the principles of “followership.” We provide leaders the tools and concepts that can dramatically strengthen personal and leadership effectiveness and ultimately enhance organizational performance.
Our assessment practice provides clients with validated, fact-based analysis vital for effective talent selection, development, succession planning, promotion decisions, and the strengthening of leadership team performance. As experienced senior executives, we have been accountable for making thousands of successful selection, placement and promotional decisions. We know what’s at stake.

Leadership Training and Development

The Kinsley Group offers advanced leadership training and development targeted to help individual leaders and entire organizations strengthen their leadership effectiveness. Participants are exposed to powerful concepts and provided new skills in a highly interactive and impactful workshop. Participant’s make a “leadership stand” publicly stating their specific commitments to develop and grow. Workshop participants consistently rank our workshops among the best leadership training they have ever experienced.

Top Team Effectiveness

In addition to providing effective consultation on an individual level, Kinsley Group guides leadership teams in unlocking their potential by helping them build the trust, healthy conflict skills, commitment and clear accountabilities necessary for extraordinary performance. We pinpoint the barriers to greater effectiveness, facilitate alignment around clear organizational goals, improving decision-making and leveraging team strengths while minimizing derailing behaviors.

Culture Shaping and Engagement Strategies

Whether due to a redefinition of business strategy, growth or contraction, a merger or an acquisition, or a significant leadership change, the Kinsley Group utilizes proven methodologies to assist clients in shaping their culture to better enable exceptional organizational performance. We offer extensive expertise and deep experience in business and cultural assessments and transformations, optimizing employee engagement, and other strategic change management initiatives.