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Leadership Development

The Kinsley Group offers a wide variety of proven leadership development and transition services to assist clients with a range of challenges. Specifically, we offer the following:

  • Executive coaching
  • Leadership workshops to enhance leadership effectiveness
  • Executive outplacement
  • New leader assimilation and transition consulting

Executive Coaching:

Leadership Development

Our global team of 1,100 executive coaches are based in over 100 countries. Our shared focus is developing highly successful leaders, using programs tailored to fit the executive’s objectives as well as those of their organizations.

  • Each is a specialist in leadership effectiveness coaching (not “life coaching”), helping leaders achieve positive, long-term gains in their leadership effectiveness; and each possesses an advanced degree (MBA, MA, MS or Ph.D.)
  • All our coaches have extensive coaching experience (a minimum of 10 years) coaching senior-level leaders (Director, VP and above);
  • Each have held senior leadership positions in large organizations themselves in line management / P&L roles and/or senior functional leadership roles, most with Fortune or FTSE 500 organizations;
  • And all our coaches have a proven track-record successfully serving Fortune / FTSE 500 client organizations.

Leadership Workshops:

As with all of our services, our workshops are designed to address client-specific needs including advancing organizational effectiveness and better enable achievement of targeted results. Our advanced leadership training and development processes help individual leaders and entire organizations strengthen their effectiveness. Participants are exposed to powerful concepts and provided new skills and understanding. Clients consistently rank our leadership workshops among the best professional experiences of their careers.

Executive Outplacement:

Unlike traditional outplacement firms whose programs are often described by their own clients as “impersonal” or “one size fits all”, our transition services provide a custom-designed, personalized program that meets the executive’s specific needs while satisfying the requirements of our client companies. Combined, The Kinsley Group’s principals have more than 50 years of experience as former senior human resources executives. Fully certified, they have deep and successful experience in executive assessment, career counseling and search strategies. They have assessed coached and counseled more than 1,500 executives and have placed hundreds in new positions. Our approach is fundamentally different:

  • Every program is customized to best meet the needs of each executive;
  • Every meeting is held one-on-one in a confidential setting;
  • Each executive’s needs are fully assessed through a proven process of in-depth interviews and validated psychometric profiling;
  • Executives are coached to overcome the often debilitating feelings of anger, denial, despair and resentment;
  • Executives are counseled to help them regain their self-esteem and self-confidence while providing them the skills and tools to return to gainful employment;
  • A custom designed detailed job search strategy is developed and executives continue to supported until their job search has been successfully concluded.

New leader assimilation and transition consulting:

We provide new leader assimilation and integration support to ensure executives make a highly successful transitions to their new roles. This consists of developing a critical success profile with input from the new hire’s key constituents and key stakeholders. We then utilize this document in facilitating a New Leader Assimilation workshop with the new hire’s team and in coaching / mentoring the new hire though their first 100 to 180 days. As former corporate executives ourselves, we know from first-hand experience as well as our knowledge of our client’s business and culture, what it takes to be successful. With the industry average executive placement failure rate averaging 45% over the past few years, reducing this risk represents real value add. We refer to this service offering as EIT or Executives in Transition, and includes all the support outlined below:

  • Development of a critical success profile based on existing documentation (if any) as well as qualitative interviews of the newly hired or promoted executive’s key stakeholders and constituencies;
  • Expert facilitation of a New Leader Assimilation Workshop to accelerate the executive’s learning of key issues, sharing of their style and perspectives, and overall assimilation to their team and the organizational culture;
  • Coaching and mentoring support of the executive for a period of up to six (6) months by a Kinsley Group executive coach.