Building great organizations one leader at a time
6 Jun

Darryl D. Berger

I had occasion to work closely with Rick over the course of a year on a very challenging and unique organizational circumstance. Rick dealt with multiple parties – a Board of Directors, a new Chief Executive, and members of Senior Management – and did a superb job of assessing, advising, and counseling all parties. As a premiere expert in the field of organizational structures and Board/ executive/ management dynamics, Rick has many obvious talents. Chief among them are his unquestioned personal integrity, which sets a critical foundation of trust; his ability to quickly and accurately assess the “360 degrees” of complex organizational and personnel circumstances; and an exceptional ability to work effectively with multiple parties – often with disparate and sometimes conflicting outlooks – towards common solutions. On both a personal and professional level, I would give Rick my highest and most unqualified recommendation

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